The Emmes Group

 Good strategy depends critically on knowing root causes. Asking why helps to uncover root causes and takes strategy formulation away from the unconscious repetition of past patterns and mimicry of competitors.

Asking why is a qualitative act. It is different from quantitative analysis, but one gains power from the other. It propels analysis forward by raising new questions to be subjected to rigorous analysis. It takes us beyond the numbers to new answers, new solutions, and new opportunities. It can call into question individuals’ diligence and the basis of their expertise. But it forces fresh thinking on all sides. Asking why leads to new
insights that often yield important competitive advantages.

Having the Emmes Group as your partner can help to extend your capabilities, shorten your time frames and increase your probabilities for success. Whether you seek strategic assistance, a new business alliance or to find new markets for existing products or new products for existing markets, we can help.

We can assist you in identifying potential strategic partners, formulating an effective corporate development strategy or implementing a successful partnership plan. Our expertise is the result of several years of experience in dealing with technology, internet and healthcare companies and, our ability to facilitate the partnering process is unmatched.

We can help you compile detailed strategic profiles and we’ll deliver in-depth analyses of your competitors’ (or your own) strengths and weaknesses. We’ll determine market share, examine corporate and product positioning strategies and tactics, and assess anticipated moves. We’ll advise and assist you in ways to counter key competitive maneuvers, differentiate your products and services, and gain a competitive advantage.

To guide your R&D activities, we’ll help you prioritize customers’ or potential strategic partners’ most critical needs and determine the potential of various applications. We’ll follow this up by establishing the necessary product features and specifications required for success.

We’ll help you identify opportunities and evaluate synergistic candidates for acquisition. We’ll counsel you on the pros and cons of moving forward, and provide specific recommendations regarding their assimilation into your organization. We’ll even assist you in the negotiation and closing of the transaction.

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